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Morton CE Primary School

Morton CE Primary School

School and Academy Trust Policies

Please find attached list of school policies. Some policies are particular to our school, some are adopted by our Academy Trust. 


  1. LAAT Allegation against staff
  2. LAAT Appraisal Policy Support Staff
  3. LAAT Appraisal Policy Teaching Staff
  4. LAAT Capability Policy
  5. LAAT Code of Conduct
  6. LAAT Complaints Policy
  7. LAAT Data Protection and FOI Policy
  8. LAAT Dignity at Work Policy
  9. LAAT Disciplinary Policy
  10. LAAT Donations Gifts and Hospitality Policy
  11. LAAT Employer Discretions Policy
  12. LAAT Equality and Diversity Policy
  13. LAAT Exclusions Policy
  14. LAAT Expenses Policy
  15. LAAT Finance-Policy
  16. LAAT Flexible Working Policy
  17. LAAT Grievance Policy
  18. LAAT Guidance Educational visits
  19. LAAT Guidance on Special Leave for Jury Service
  20. LAAT Health and Safety Policy Sept 2018
  21. LAAT ICT user policy
  22. LAAT Induction Policy
  23. LAAT Leave of Absence policy
  24. LAAT Lettings policy
  25. LAAT Local Board Code of Conduct
  26. LAAT Lone working Policy
  27. LAAT Managing Allegations of Misconduct
  28. LAAT Managing Sickness Absence
  29. LAAT Maternity paternity adoption parental leave
  30. LAAT No smoking policy
  31. LAAT Observation Protocols
  32. LAAT Policy implementation July 2019
  33. LAAT Privacy Notice - Local Boards & Councils
  34. LAAT Privacy Notice - Parents and Pupils
  35. LAAT Privacy Notice - Prospective Staff
  36. LAAT Privacy Notice - Staff
  37. LAAT Probation Policy
  38. LAAT Records Management Policy
  39. LAAT Redundancy Policy
  40. LAAT Safeguarding supporting record keeping pack
  41. LAAT Safer Recruitment Policy
  42. LAAT Social Media Policy
  43. LAAT Suport Staff Pay Policy
  44. LAAT Teachers' Pay Policy 2019
  45. LAAT Time of in Lieu Guidelines
  46. LAAT Trust Strategic Risk Management
  47. LAAT Wellbeing Statement
  48. LAAT Whistleblowing Policy
  49. MCEPS Accessibility Plan
  50. MCEPS Addendum to Complaints Policy
  51. MCEPS Admissions Policy 2021-2022
  52. MCEPS Admissions Policy 2022-2023
  53. MCEPS Attendance Policy
  54. MCEPS Behaviour Policy
  55. MCEPS Charging and Remissions
  56. MCEPS Class Organisation Statement
  57. MCEPS Collective Worship Policy
  58. MCEPS Critical Incident Policy
  59. MCEPS Cycling to School Policy
  60. MCEPS Equality Information and Objectives
  61. MCEPS E-Safety Policy
  62. MCEPS Home-School Agreement
  63. MCEPS Intimate Care Policy
  64. MCEPS Medical Conditions Policy
  65. MCEPS RE Policy
  66. MCEPS RHSE Policy
  67. MCEPS SEN Policy