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Morton CE Primary School

Morton CE Primary School

Physical Education

PE at our school aims to instil an enjoyment in sports to encourage a lifelong participation in sport. Children will develop techniques to support them in managing their health and well-being. Children will be encouraged to learn together (supporting and expert) to instil teamwork and resilience. Children will be encouraged to take part in competitions at their level so excel and experience success and personal achievements celebrated. Our PE curriculum will equip pupils to have the skills and mindset to leave primary school with the capabilities to be successful in their sporting challenges and active lifestyles at secondary school and beyond.

Children at Morton CEPS will enjoy a progressive Physical Education curriculum which ensures that prior knowledge, skills and vocabulary are built upon in subsequent year groups across a wide variety of sports.


School Sport (structured competitive and non-competitive program) Morton CEPS is part of a partnership that provides well-structured competitive and non-competitive program. The program is designed to allow children to experience competition at their level. It provides children with the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sporting events in a safe environment. Through the partnership we build strong connections between parents, the local community and local sports clubs fostering the chance for children to make healthy life choices. Children develop the life skills of teamwork, resilience and leadership.


Physical Activity (minimum of 30 minutes physical activity each day) The Government Childhood Obesity Plan set out the ambition that all children should be active for 60 minutes a day, with schools being responsible for 30 minutes of these. Morton CEPS achieves the 30 minutes of activity through

• Activity breaks, energizers/calmers, active learning.

 • Active playtimes, where children have access to a range of playtime equipment and are set regular challenges at their own level.

• Targeted lunchtime clubs for example all stars.

 • After school clubs.