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Morton CE Primary School

Morton CE Primary School


Here at Morton, we recognise that maths is a part of everyday life. We intend to provide a curriculum that caters for all individuals. We aim to develop a balance of fluency, reasoning and problem solving throughout teaching and learning. Underpinning our teaching, is the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach that provides opportunities for all children to build a strong understanding of the concepts that underpin maths.

As mathematicians, children at Morton CEPS will aspire to become self-confident, fluent learners who can apply their maths knowledge to problem solve and reason. Our children recognise the value of these skills both across the curriculum and in the wider world.

Fostering an environment of trust within our classrooms encourages discussions between children where they can share their ideas together and not be afraid to make mistakes. We recognise the importance of maths vocabulary to help learners deepen their understanding and children are encouraged to talk with peers and adults during their lessons. They will have the confidence and enthusiasm to talk about the subject and explain their thinking, using age-appropriate vocabulary as part of the process.

Our children will be encouraged and supported to take risks with their learning as they become robust and engaged mathematicians who are building a life-long appreciation of the subject.