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Morton CE Primary School

Morton CE Primary School

Art and Design


As developing artists, children at Morton Church of England Primary School will be provided with the opportunities to develop their skills and techniques in creating art alongside valuable critical thinking skills about the creative process. They will be exposed to a broad and diverse range of artists, including artists and movements regarded important historically, along with contemporary local and global artists. They will be able to engage in age-appropriate discussions about the work of artists and their own creative processes. Children will be able to reflect upon influences on artists and their impact on the world around them. They will be encouraged to be curious, explorative, inventive decision makers about their own artwork and representations whilst receiving opportunities to apply newly learnt new skills and techniques.

At Morton CEPS, pupils are taught skills and techniques in order to create and refine their art. As well as this they are given opportunities to develop critical thinking skills about their own creative process. Exposure to a broad and diverse range of artists inspires children to build a sense of wonder, curiosity and respect for art and the challenges artists have faced and continue to face around the world. Children are immersed in a progressive curriculum that builds on skills and techniques across keys-stages, that embeds subject specific vocabulary so that the children become articulate, problem-solving communicators. Experiential opportunities are a key component in providing memorable learning experiences.

Our pupils will explore their own development through an experiential, holistic process. They will be encouraged to ask and answer questions about their own artistic processes and historical and contemporary artists. They will be encouraged to explore and widen their cultural capital. As young artists they will develop a rounded knowledge of art skills, in particular, drawing, painting and sculpture by following a curriculum that builds on skills year on year. Alongside this as part of our creative curriculum, children will have opportunities to explore other mediums such as printmaking, digital art and textiles. Their critical skills will develop over time through discussion of art from their own personal starting points to regular use of subject specific vocabulary, this will enable them to become supportive, articulate, creative thinkers.